Porina Caterpillar

Wiseana spp.

Porina caterpillars feed on lawns, pasture grass, and clover, causing bare patches and an increased incidence of flat weeds. The adult moth is a fat brown moth that at times flies around people at night. In spring and summer they can lay over a hundred eggs. After hatching the caterpillars will burrow into the soil, forming small tunnels that can be spotted if you look closely, and will then emerge at night to feed on the grass and clover leaves.

Sometimes confused with Grass grub. However Porina feed differently (grass grub eat the roots not the leaves), are easy to treat, and the dug out soil and droppings around the tunnels are normally covered with a fine webbing and castings from digging.


Reduce outdoor lighting in spring so as not to attract the moths.


If they are only present in a small area cultivating the soil can help expose the bugs to predators.

Sprinkle Neem Granules over the affected area. Can be used to both treat the problem and as a preventative.

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