Onion Weed

Allium Triquetum

This attractive weed is a member of the onion, garlic and leek family (allium). It grows from bulbs and has grass like leaves and clumps of white bell shaped flowers. Leaves, stems, and bulbs have a light garlicy onion scent. All parts of the plant are edible.

For most of the year the bulbs stay dormant, but through winter and spring they burst into life and form a dense mat that can make growing other plants difficult.

Physical Control

Using a trowel dig down deeply to remove the plants and its bulb. Each times leaves appear repeat this process. Over time this will eventually eradicate the problem. However make sure that you dispose of bulbs carefully. Don’t add to your compost as this will spread the problem around.

Other Treatment

Spray with Amitrole or Kiwicare Weed Weapon Extra Strength, to increase effectiveness, add  Sprayfix which will help the active ingredients stick to and penetrate the leaves giving a better result.

Not suitable for use in the vegetable garden or near any food or animal crops. See Physical Control for options suitable for edible plants and organics

When applying chemicals always apply as per the instructions on the packet.

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