Madeira Vine

Anredera cordifolia

Also known as Mignonette Vine. Originally from South America, this perennial woody climber with fleshy heart shaped leaves can be difficult to get rid of once established. Produces slender drooping flowers, in New Zealand it only grows from the ‘warty’ aerial rhizomes or tubers that form on the stems.

The tubers are incredibly hardy and salt tolerant, and can even be spread by the sea. Once established they can smother desired plants or natives, and in some cases the weight of the aerial tubers can be sufficient to topple or break small trees.

Physical Control

Regularly pull the vine and remove the tubers. Either burn or carefully dispose of the plant material within a plastic bag. Leaving it in the sun in a black bag is a good way to ensure that the tubers actually die.

Be careful not to spread even small fragments of tubers around the garden to avoid spreading the problem.

Other Treatment

Cut stems and immediately apply Cut’n’Paste Metgel to the freshly cut stem. On smaller vines it can also be applied to the lower side of the leaves. Multiple applications may be needed.

Take care when using this product as it is carried down through the roots, and can be dispersed into the soil affecting nearby plants.

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