Eugenia Psyllids

Trioza eugeniae

Eugenia Psyllids are sapsuckers that cause the leaves of Eugenia and Syzygium species (Lillipillies) to curl up and bubble. The damage is mainly aesthetic. However severe infestations can cause major problems, though they usually occur when the plant is already stressed, often due to a lack of water.

Similar pysllids (Trizoa spp) also affect other trees and hedges, including pittosporums.

Sometimes mistaken for the fungal disease Peach Leaf Curl, which Eugenias don’t get.


Trim back hedge regularly and remove brash and leaves.

Keep young plants well watered and fed over  summer to ensure they stay healthy. Stressed plants are more likely to get badly attacked by psyllids.

Spray hedges at the start of spring thoroughly with Aquaticus Glow to help keep numbers down, and repeat every 2 months.


Cut out infected branches and spray thoroughly over all foliage with Maverik. Repeat spray once every 7-14 days and again if necessary.

If you have a bad infestation, try using the systemic Groventivewhich does not affect bees.

This method works best when you catch the problem early or for minor infestations.

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