Members of the Subfamily Bambusoideae

These giant members of the grass family look great and if you’re in need of poles in the garden they can be great resource. However the downside is that many varieties are invasive, and once established they can be quite difficult to eradicate.

In New Zealand all known Bamboos spread vegetatively, either by clumping out or sending underground rhizomatous stems that shoot out new clumps. Types that send out underground runners can be particularly difficult to eradicate.

Physical Control

Cut back regularly to help stop the clumps from spreading and dig out runners. Repeat as new growth comes through.

Other Treatment

Option 1

Use Cut’N’Paste Bamboo Buster. Cut stems back and immediately apply the paste.
On smaller regrowth apply to the back of the leaves.
Repeat as necessary. In some cases multiple applications is necessary.

Option 2

Spray regrowth with Amitrole. For best results cut down mature stands and spray regrowth when it’s approximately 1m high and actively growing. To increase effectiveness use with Sprayfix.

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